Tal vez esté espació se el único sincero que pueda decir lo que realmente siento sin temor.


¿Infidelidad? Una mierda.

Me siento así……. 

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Shes Got A Smile That Would Make The Most Senile
Annoying Old Man Bite His Tongue
Im Not Done
Shes Got Eyes Comparable To Sunrise
And It Doesnt Stop There
Man I Swear
Shes Got Porcelain Skin Of Course Shes A Ten
And Now Shes Even Got Her Own Song
But Movin On
Shes Got The Cutest Laugh I Ever Heard
And We Can Be On The Phone For Three Hours
Not Sayin One Word
And I Would Still Cherish Every Moment
And When I Start To Build My Future Shes The Main Component
Call It Dumb Call It Luck Call It Love Or Whatever You Call It But
Everywhere I Go I Keep Her Picture In My Wallet Like Here

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no sé por qué hay gente que odia tanto a Paulo :cc 

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Me gusta ese tipo de gente que no habla, no promete, no presume, de ese tipo de personas nunca esperamos nada y siempre nos sorprenden con sus acciones.

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